We look forward to making your pizza party a great experience. Here are some common questions:

Do your locations take reservations?

Some do, some don’t. The Frēlard location does not take reservations for large parties ordering à la carte. Seatings are based on a waitlist that is first-come-first serve. We make exceptions if you are interested in booking a full section of the restaurant or patio with an agreed upon minimum in food and beverage purchase. 

South Lake Union takes large group reservations—these tend to be most popular in the evenings for work happy hours, or on weekends for birthdays, sports lunches, and casual wedding rehearsal dinners. They offer two indoor bar-top tables which can accommodate 20-30 guests, as well as the outdoor patio which can be rented out in full. We run one group tab, and bring food and beverages out to your guests as they want. There is no minimum to book space at SLU after 1pm on weekdays, or anytime on Saturdays. We can also open up our doors on Sundays in the right circumstances.

The Ballard location has a backroom and does take reservations for 12-32 guests. For Friday and Saturday events with wait service, we have a food and beverage minimum of $500 for 4:30pm-7pm, $750 for 8pm-11pm, or a $1,000 minimum for the space during full open hours until 11pm. These prices do not include tax or gratuity. Events in the back room Sunday through Thursday do not have a minimum and your guests can order items from the counter. Weeknight parties must end by 10pm.

What if we don't want the whole Ballard location backroom to ourselves?
We always do our best to accommodate! We do not book any reservations for groups of 12 or less for the back room’s large table, so just give us a call day-of and we will do our best to get you in and seated as quickly as possible.

How long is the wait for a table if we don’t have a reservation?

Depending on the location, we have typical wait times of around 15 - 45 minutes for small groups on Friday and Saturday nights. At Frēlard, large party drop-ins sometimes have wait times of up to 90 minutes for enough space to open up. All other days and times of day should be less than 20 minutes for seating except during special events or sports games.

What is your policy for seating large groups?

If you do not have a booked reservation, we will wait to seat your party until everyone has arrived in your group. Frēlard Pizza Company has a waiting area outside by the fire pit or indoors by the kids play where you can stand and enjoy a beverage while waiting for your table. If you are trying to plan a casual meet up where multiple tables are held and people can come and go at different times, we require advance notice and a food/beverage minimum purchase.

Does the bill include an automatic gratuity?

No, your bill will not include an automatic gratuity or service charge. Typically, 18% gratuity is a common figure for large parties and each guest is encouraged to determine a fitting gratuity for the service staff, host, and cooks who helped them that night.

Can we split a large party on multiple checks?

Tabs for big parties can be tough, and hosting can be even more difficult — and that's why we're here to make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible. Arrangements to split tabs at a booked party should be worked out in advance with the Catering Manager, or with your server on arrival if you do not have a reservation. We have found what works best for someone hosting a party is to instruct their guests to bring cash so they can all chip in towards the final bill, but the check and gratuity is all handled on a single payment card for efficiency. This also allows for guests to arrive and depart at different times throughout the party.

What about individual drink tabs?

We are happy to maintain a single hosted food tab but have individual guest keep drink tabs open at the register where they can order beverages directly from the cashier.

How much food do we need?

Let us know if you are pre-ordering for a group reservation, and we are happy to propose a menu based on your headcount. Our appetizers and large pies typically feed anywhere from 3-4 people, while medium pies and small salads feed 1-2. For a wider variety of toppings, we can make half-and-half pies to provide a larger sampling of our menu. Please take a look at our menu and order according to what you think is best. You can always order more than you think your party will eat, as no one has ever complained about having to take leftover pizza home!

Do you have any gluten-free or vegan options?

Though we tried very hard to come up with a tasty gluten-free option for pizza, we do not have any gluten-free dough available at the restaurant and we are a gluten-rich environment in general. Our appetizers and salads for the most part are gluten-free, with the chickpea salad a favorite choice of many. As far as vegan items, we are happy to make any menu item without animal products should you desire.

Can we bring in our own desserts or wine?

Not a problem! We charge a cake cutting fee of $3 per person for bringing in outside desserts, and a $10 corkage fee for outside wine. We can also order you a personalized cake or dessert from our very own Ethan Stowell Restaurants bakery. 

What are your Audio/Visual options?

Frēlard and SLU have large HD flat-screen televisions  with basic cable provided by Comcast, as well as an HD antenna featuring local station broadcasts.

The Ballard back room has a large HD flat-screen television with basic cable, as well as an HD antenna for local station broadcasts, and DVD drive for playing movies. We also have a sound system featuring some great Internet radio stations and input options compatible with an 1/8" audio jack we have on-site, should you prefer your own party playlist.

We encourage party hosts to pop in or call ahead of time should any outside media be vital to your event, and you need to check if the HDMI connection from your laptop or tablet will work to connect to the television.

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